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Ubiquity is responding to a need we sense in our societies and our students to make education more relevant for the rapidly changing world in which we live.

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...Game-changing content, competence building for employability and impact, irresistible online learning environments, inspiring international student body, and unbelievable affordability make Ubiquity a unique university.

Ubiquity University

  • Play the Game +

    At Ubiquity, we learn to play the game and change the game. Navigating through your life and creating innovative solutions for success means understanding why things are the way they are and how to start to think and act differently.
  • Integral Framework +

    At Ubiquity, we learn in an integral framework in which you explore the interior dimensions of your history, culture, and personal life along with the objective facts concerning the external world. Everything is questioned and everything has its place.
  • Fuse Education with Social Innovation +

    At Ubiquity, we fuse education with social innovation so that you develop professional competence along with collaborative creativity. By the time you graduate, you will have engaged and interacted with real organizations in the real world, and you will be highly equipped to add value inside an organization or as a social entrepreneur.
  • Creative Leaders for Tomorrow +

    At Ubiquity, we treat you as a person with many dimensions. Alongside the important cognitive and analytical skills taught traditionally at a university, we support you to develop your capacity for collaborative creativity, communication, and self awareness. Our emphasis on personal development and real life missions, as well as our gaming environment, stimulate all the different dimensions of who you are. They will help shape who you would like to become. Leaders of today are looking for the fresh creative leaders of tomorrow.
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Ubiquity’s Approach to Learning

Core Competencies

The core competencies that you learn to develop at Ubiquity are divided into three areas: Knowledge Content (the things you are going to study), Personal Qualities (the dimensions in yourself you are going to work on), and Action in the World (how you engage the world). All of your study and program-related activity at Ubiquity will contribute to the development of these core competencies.

What is a Ubiquity course composed of?

Learning at Ubiquity University

A Ubiquity course is composed of 40-45 hours of student engagement with faculty-curated content and 80-90 hours of self-directed study and other activities. The 40-45 hours are divided between the following activities:

Studying Learning Resources

These are multimedia resources created or selected by the core faculty member. They are divided into 14 or 15 modules which include tasks to help you integrate the learning and unlock badges by demonstrating competence.


These are experiences that help you to develop different parts of yourself so that you can be more effective in your study and work in the world. They include mindfulness training, collaboration practice, rhythm and music, design challenges, body-based exercises, and nature awareness. They are delivered as video or audio on the platform.

Facilitated Group Discussion

These are opportunities in which you can engage fellow students in exploration, dialogue, and reflection. They may take the form of conference calls, video conferences, chat-room and forum engagement, or online wiki collaboration, for example. Faculty participate in these discussions. They help you to learn from your peers and develop interpersonal skills.

Peer Review

This is where you get to review three of your peers’ Creative Assignments - and they get to review yours...

Integral Assessment

These are moments during the course where you will be asked to step back from the material you are learning and reflect on how it all fits together in a bigger framework so that you learn to take a professional viewpoint. You will be equipped to do this on the Integral Theory and Practice course.


A core component of the Ubiquity experience is the attention given to students’ personal development. We believe that the quality and level of impact of one’s work in the world is directly related to how we show up as people. As Bill O’Brien famously said “The success of an intervention is dependent on the inner condition of the intervener". That is why self-mastery is one of the three core components of the Ubiquity degree, together with study and creative collaboration missions.

The self-mastery component cuts across all of your study and time at Ubiquity. Throughout your degree you are supported by a self-mastery framework, that helps you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and to choose which parts of yourself to concentrate on developing. Ongoing assessment opportunities give you the chance to follow your own development and to show to prospective employers and partners what you have worked on and the progress you have made. Based on what you want to develop, the platform will recommend different self-mastery modules to you. It is an opportunity to explore, learn and grow at your own pace.

Partners we are currently working with to provide self-mastery modules include:

"Welcome to Prospective Students "


The 80-90 hours of self-directed engagement include:

Creative Assignments

These are tasks you are given to show that you have taken in the content of the course and can add your own creative expression to your conclusions. There may be one big assignment at the end of your course, or smaller ones spread throughout the course. You may be given different media options, for example written papers, video/audio presentations, music, art. Fellow students will review your assignment and you will be required to review a number of your peers’ assignments. In this way you will be building your creative insight and expression. Your assignment will be assessed by faculty, and a number of badges will be available to unlock depending on the competencies that you demonstrate.

Creative Collaboration Missions

These are real-life challenges that you will be working on by yourself and with fellow Ubiquity students. They are designed to increase in complexity as you develop yourself through your degree program. They will test how much you have been able to remember and embody of what you have learned so far, as well as making a positive impact on the world you live in. The Impact! Social Entrepreneurship Pathway enables you to create your own social enterprise or change project from idea generation right through to income and impact generation. A mission project can also include a week long nature-based Learning Journey and a final semester Special Assignment (e.g. internship, creative project, social enterprise development).


Research and study

Here you get to read, watch or listen to the extra course material provided by faculty, students or that you find yourself.

Core Copentencies at Ubiquit

The core competencies that you learn to develop at Ubiquity are divided into three areas: Knowledge Content (the things you are going to study), Personal Qualities (the dimensions in yourself you are going to work on), and Action in the World (how you engage the world). All of your study and program-related activity at Ubiquity will contribute to the development of these core competencies.

Critical & Integral Thinking

The ability to critically assess and value something in its own right and identify its place in relation to everything else in such a way that everything is able to be transcended yet included in a full embrace of life.

Scientific Discipline

The ability to systematically study the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment in such a way that as much of our relevant reality as possible is taken into account.

Collaborative Creativity

The ability to be in the moment and access an impulse to act with others in such a way that each person’s passion and ability is maximised for the good of the whole.

Personal Leadership

The ability to steward yourself into meaningful action in the world, in such a way that you bring your highest potential to each moment.

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The ability to identify, conceptualise and implement an innovation in society, in such a way that all stakeholders are uplifted.

Whole System Design

The ability to design projects in such a way that all relevant parts and dynamics of the system internally and externally are taken into account.

Levels of Competence

(and Learning Journey)


(A journey of Experiencing)

As an Initiate, you have successfully completed a journey of experiencing the core subject matter of the course. You have taken in all the impressions and information in such a way that you can vividly recall it, distinguish within that what seems most interesting and important to you and explain it clearly to others.



(A journey of Practising)

As an Apprentice, you have successfully completed a journey of practising applying your new learnings and understandings to specific situations, in such a way that you develop and refine your “hands-on” competence in using the core skills taught in the course.



(A journey of Envisioning)

As a Visionary, you have successfully completed a journey of envisioning how what you are learning is relevant both to your life and to the world and developing that discovery into inspiring ideas and projects you can put into action in the real world.



(A journey of Engaging)

As a Changemaker, you have successfully completed a journey of learning to manifest your vision and missions in the world in such a way that they create tangible, sustainable value while you remain continually aware of the impact you are making and adjusting your actions appropriately as you go.

Competence, Assessment and Qualifications

Changemaker Competence

Ubiquity’s mission is to enable people to develop, demonstrate and deliver changemaker competence. Changemaker competencies are the kinds of qualities and skills needed to assist society at this time in its transition from an unsustainable trajectory to a pathway that is life-affirming and brings out the best of human potential.

We frame the breadth of competence needed in this way:

Integral Competency Framework

Changemaker competence needs to be developed not only as professional skills, as competence is usually used, but also as inner qualities of the individual, the capacity to relate and collaborate creatively with others, and design and implement initiatives through a whole-system lens.

Rigorous and Engaging Assessment

One of Ubiquity’s unique qualities is our ability to assess a wide range of competences with rigour while at the same time using the best of gamification to make assessment fun and engaging. We are not so interested in how much you read or how many videos you watch, but rather what have you learned from everything you have done, and how is that relevant to you and your world. It is our commitment to enable you to demonstrate as many competencies as possible, so that you can unlock the related qualifications - from a badge to certificate to degree - and add them to your CV and portfolio.

As described above, there are four levels of competence that you can achieve at Ubiquity: Initiate, Apprentice, Visionary and Changemaker. Given that these levels are increasingly challenging as you progress, different types of assessment are needed depending on the level.

Competence Level Assessment
Experiencing / Initiate Badge Quizzes and Games
Practising / Apprentice Badge Creative Assignment
Envisioning / Visionary Badge Mission Definition
Engaging / Changemaker Badge Mission Implementation

Initiate Level, which is more about taking in and understanding the material, can be assessed through quizzes and short test games. At the Apprentice Level, when you need to show that you can apply your learning, Creative Assignments are used for you to demonstrate those competencies, which are assessed by faculty giving you personalised text feedback. At the Visionary Level, you are already starting to apply your learning to the design of interventions in the real world, and these competencies are assessed through the submission of your mission plan. This is likewise assessed by faculty giving you personalised text feedback. At the Changemaker Level you apply your learning to real world situations. These competencies are assessed through the report you submit, as well as through feedback from your colleagues and stakeholders involved in the project.


Qualifications at Ubiquity can range from a competence badge from the four levels described above, through certificates, nanodegrees and continuing education credits, up to full undergraduate and graduate degrees. They are all closely related to the competencies that you demonstrate so that you always know for yourself and can clearly and authentically show to any potential future employer, partner or investor exactly what you can do.

Online Learning @ Ubiquity

As we looked into providers of online learning, the one thing that jumped out at us was the lack of a friendly as well as functional look and feel to online learning environments. At Ubiquity we decided to do something about that. To keep people engaged and motivated, it is essential that learners enjoy the learning platform. That is why the social design component is so important to us. At Ubiquity, not only does it look beautiful and feel intuitive, it contains everything you’d expect from the best social network platforms.

As part of our design, we have integrated many game design principles. If there is one thing that good games have in common, they know how to keep you engaged and driving towards a goal. Given that our higher goal is nothing short of helping to a world that works for everyone, we’ll need all the creativity and commitment we can get.

Another element that greatly enhances learning and retention is support from others. That is why when you engage online at Ubiquity we create opportunities for tutoring and mentoring, as well as access to professional coaches to support you on your journey. This of course on top of the peer-to-peer community collaboration and interaction that the social platform actively stimulates.

Assessment is also a big part of online learning. At Ubiquity, assessment that counts towards your grades is carried out by our faculty, and is not machine-generated. Using the best of assessment technology enables us to give you personalized feedback and point you to your next learning task.

Given that you will want to keep track of your learning and keep a record of your activities, each student will have their own personal profile and blog, as well as a secure online portfolio of everything you create at Ubiquity that you will be able to show potential employers and partners.

Finally, we recognize how important it is not to spend our lives behind a computer. Ubiquity is there to support us getting out into the world and making a difference, to say nothing of the importance of immersing and recharging oneself regularly in nature. That is why the online platform will enable and encourage local meet-ups and self-organizing Ubiquity events where students can have the in-person interaction that is also so important to our growth and enjoyment of life.

Ubiquity B.A. students develop literacy & mastery in 8 Life Areas and 32 Modes of Engagement

Life Area 8

8. Interconnectedness & Wholeness

  • 8.4 Life-Enhancing Presence
  • 8.3 Peaceful Equanimity
  • 8.2 Warm-hearted Compassion
  • 8.1 Transcendent Awareness
Life Area 7

7. Purpose & Integrity

  • 7.4 Sustainable Stewardship
  • 7.3 Context-Appropriate Action
  • 7.2 Insightful Discernment
  • 7.1 Global Interconnectedness
Life Area 6

6. Community & Collaboration

  • 6.4 Inspirational Mutual-Empowerment
  • 6.3 Co-creative Collaboration
  • 6.2 Caring Support
  • 6.1 Empathic Understanding
Life Area 5

5. Creativity & Play

  • 5.4 Enterprising Implementation
  • 5.3 Playful Experimentation
  • 5.2 Visionary Imagination
  • 5.1 Creative Inspiration
Life Area 4

4. Organization & Productivity

  • 4.4 Helpful Cooperation
  • 4.3 Practical Efficiency
  • 4.2 Dependable Role-Ownership
  • 4.1 Big-Picture Awareness
Life Area 3

3. Personal Development

  • 3.4 Committed Self-Discipline
  • 3.3 Authentic Self-Expression
  • 3.2 Honest Self-Enquiry
  • 3.1 Responsible Self-Care
Life Area 2

2. Relationship & Connection

  • 2.4 Respectful Differentiation
  • 2.3 Confident Self-Worth
  • 2.2 Joyful Connection
  • 2.1 Passionate Seeking
Life Area 1

1. Energy & Vitality

  • 1.4 Easeful Relaxation
  • 1.3 Powerful Engagement
  • 1.2 Energetic Vitality
  • 1.1 Sensitive Self-Awareness

Creative Collaboration Missions


Missions are real-life change projects that you engage in, to practise and demonstrate the integration of what you are learning. They increase with complexity as you move through the university. You create reports for the courses you are following to show how the course content and your experience in the mission connect. A core part of the missions is for you to be able to develop and demonstrate creative collaboration with other team members and stakeholders involved.

If you engage in the full BA program, part of your missions will involve a learning journey of at least a week in nature, and a Special Assignment in your last semester, which could be an internship, creative project or set up of your own social enterprise.

As part of the MBA, EMBA and MSc programs, you will qualify to participate in a Ubiquity “Entrepreneurial Adventure”. This involves you creating a social enterprise from idea-generation through to income generation, in a team of your peers. In this process you will be supported by Ubiquity’s Social Innovation Pathway at the end of which you will pitch for investment from Ubiquity’s Social Impact Fund - and take your new enterprise into the world.

You will be able to choose your missions from a selection of Ubiquity’s mission-provider partners, or come up with your own mission connected to your local community, for example.

We are partnering with Socionext, an international organization experienced in helping students to learn and implement a process for social innovation, moving from idea generation to impact and income generation.