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Ubiquity students are the changemakers ready to co-create a world that works for everyone. Our admissions process helps you to get engaged as quickly as possible so that you can get to meet your fellow changemakers, build your community and develop the skills and qualities you need to make the difference you are here to make. Welcome on board!

Admissions : Are you ready?

Criteria and process

Our admissions criteria and simple two-step process focus on individual commitment and passion, and academic qualifications. Once you apply, we review your documents, including evidence of your accomplishments outside the classroom, and make sure we find a program that is the right fit for you.

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Tuition and Fees

Welcome to Ubiquity University. Our financial commitment to you is to keep our tuition prices as low as possible. Our goal is to be globally affordable. We do not have any hidden fees so what you see below is exactly what you will need to pay. Our application process is free, so you do not have to pay anything to the university until you actually want to choose a specific course, certificate, or badge.

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  • Our full BA program is priced at US$12,000. The BA includes study courses, self-mastery and Impact projects for equal credit. BA Completion programs are available with pro rata pricing. Country prices may vary based on local conditions.
  • All our Learning Journeys are priced individually as they are designed for specific locations around the world and are for different durations. The pricing will be available on each syllabus.
  • All our in person courses offered by our Wisdom School of Graduate Studies are priced at $440 per unit or $1,760 USD for each 4 unit course.
  • We also have a monthly subscription you can pay depending on what degree program you are in. As an example, if you are seeking a BA degree, which means taking 40 three unit courses for a total of $12,000, and you are planning to take four years to complete the degree, you would pay $250 USD per month for four years. If you are seeking a two year MBA degree, which means taking 20 courses at $600 per course, you would pay $250 per month over two years. We do not charge any interest. Please be in contact with our Registrar to make the appropriate arrangements.
  • All our badges are priced according to the competency you seek. They begin at $5 USD.
  • For lifelong learners not needing academic credit, courses can be purchased as Lite or Immersive. In Lite you navigate your own way through the course in your own time ($50). In Immersive you take the course with a group and are supported by a course facilitator. Immersive courses can be taken at Foundational level (BA-equivalent - $250) or Advanced level (Master's equivalent - $500).
  • Our online (E)MBA programs are priced at $12,000 and MSc at $6,000. They include study courses, self-mastery and Impact projects for equal credit. Country prices may vary based on local conditions.
  • We accept credits from previous studies and life experience with proof of competence achieved - at no cost. All imported credits from MOOCs and other sources once enrolled cost $25 per Bachelor's credit and $50 per Masters credit.

MBA Table (Admissions)

Degree Bachelor of Arts BA Completion Program Master of Business Administration Executive Master of Business Administration Master of Science
Acronym BA BA Compl. MBA EMBA MS
Prerequisites High School Graduation Level 6 Dimploma (UK)** Undergraduate Degree Undergrad degree and 5 years experience or 27 years old BA Degree
Courses 40 10 20 20 10
Study Courses (30%) 30 7 15 15 6
Impact Project (30%) 5 courses + Project 2 courses + Project 3 courses + Project 3 courses + Project 2 courses + Project
Self-Mastery (30%) 5 courses + Project 1 course + Project 2 courses + Project 2 courses + Project 2 courses + Project
Collaboration (10%) Online + in projects Online + in projects Online + in projects Online + in projects Online + in projects
Price (US$) $12,000 $3,000 $12,000 $12,000 $6,000
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All courses, certificates and badges must be paid for before you take the course or module. Each course, certificate, and badge can be purchased through our Paypal system which is accessible worldwide. For those of you who cannot access Paypal, please make arrangements for a bank transfer. You may coordinate this through our Registrar.

** To compare qualification levels, please see