Ubiquity’s Unique Pedagogy

Ubiquity’s Unique Pedagogy

Ubiquity’s Unique Pedagogy

Designed for a whole new kind of world


The increasing complexity and speed of change in the world, and the major challenges we face as humanity, call for a new kind of education - one that enables you to develop as a whole person to engage the whole system.


Ubiquity’s pedagogy is made up to three major parts: Explore with Study, Equip with Self-mastery and Engage with Impact projects.


Explore - relevant and radical study

At Ubiquity you are equipped to play the game to change the game. The study component enables you to critically assess the current mainstream approaches to subjects and explore the leading-edge thinkers and practitioners committed to social innovation.


Equip - liberating and disciplined self-mastery

The quality of impact you make in the world is directly related to your inner state. The self-mastery portal supplies you with a diversity of resources to help you develop the many sides of who you are.


Engage - collaborative and creative Impact projects

Ultimately it is all about the quality of impact you make in the world. At Ubiquity you do not learn in a vacuum, but have the opportunity to be continually testing your learning and challenging yourself in real-life hands-on change projects.


Unlike at any other learning institution we are aware of, these three parts of your learning experiences count equally towards your credentials.


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Monday, 18 December 2017

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