Ubiquity University Partners with the London Business School

Ubiquity University Partners with the London Business School

Ubiquity University is thrilled to partner with the London Business School in Colombo, Sri Lanka and during our May trimester we had the pleasure of adding several Sri Lankan students to our student body.

These students were all members of our Capstone completion program that Ubiquity University offers to students who are intent upon completing their last year of college studies, as transfer students.

In July, members of our Ubiquity leadership team, including Gyorgyi Szabo, Jim Garrison, and Constantina Clark had the pleasure of traveling to Sri Lanka where we spent a week with Dilini Gunasekera, Director of Ubiquity’s Sri Lankan region. We all had the privilege of meeting our Ubiquity Sri Lankan students, as well as other students at London Business School.

The hospitality and kindness that our students extended toward us made our trip a special thrill, and it was so wonderful to see our online students up close and personal!

Dilini was a wonderful host, introducing the beautiful country of Sri Lanka to us, where we enjoyed so many of the delights this amazing land has to offer. A wonderful time was definitely had by all, and we are looking forward to a return trip sometime in the near future.

We are very proud of our Sri Lankan students and the quality of work they produced during our May trimester, where they worked in creative collaboration with their fellow students and look forward to graduating the first Sri Lankan BA students in 2017!

Constantina Clark - Dean of Students and Admissions

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Monday, 18 December 2017