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Ubiquity is designed along the American Liberal Arts model. This means that students will be able to study a broad range of subjects and then select an area in which to develop a specialization. We encourage students to explore a range of subjects after they have completed the required core courses every student must take. The Ubiquity design means that as a student you will able to completely personalize your undergraduate degree - putting together a collection of courses that you want for the concentration you need. You can choose if you want a custom-designed personalized BA or a BA with a specific concentration recommended by the University. The first University recommended concentration will be in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You can see below the courses and faculty that will enable you to complete a BA in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Other concentrations will be added as the university develops.

As you develop your concentration, you will be able to draw from courses outside Ubiquity. You can take MOOC courses that are of interest to you, for example, and transfer them into Ubiquity toward a degree for a minimal fee of $100. You can also transfer courses you have taken from other universities. Ubiquity’s assessment system will enable you to demonstrate competencies in the areas you study and get credits for what you demonstrate. This means that the entire world of education is accessible to you.

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A Ubiquity BA program is composed of 35-40 courses totaling 120 credits. It is made up of three main groups of courses:

  • Core Courses
  • Major Concentration
  • Elective Courses
  • Special Assignment

This is a set of courses that are required for every student. They need to be taken before any elective courses. (see below)

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This is the subject in which you choose to go deeper during your time at Ubiquity. We are planning to offer fifteen majors concentrations in the next several years. Out of the 40 courses required for a BA degree, 14 must be in your major area of study. The first concentration available is in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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These are the courses that you choose from any of the other General Education courses on offer through Ubiquity. This is your chance to create your very own personalised degree, developing the combinations that suit you.

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In your final semester, you may choose to work on a Special Assignment (e.g. internship, creative project, setting up a social enterprise) for 15 credits. Should you not want to do this, you can take 5 more elective courses or courses in your major concentration.

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All the Core Courses and General Education Courses can count towards a degree in future concentrations too, and most of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses can also be applied to other concentrations.

Core Courses

The eight core courses give you an experience of the core values, philosophy and orientation of Ubiquity. They introduce you to what it takes to be an effective change-maker, creating shared language and frameworks. They are required before proceeding to any other courses. They set the context for Ubiquity University and your experience here.

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General Education

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Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

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Vision for the Undergraduate program

At Ubiquity, we are currently planning the following major concentrations, grouped into the three areas of humanities, science, and social science.



  • Art, Literature and Creativity
  • Transformative Education
  • History, Culture, and Society
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Psychology


  • Biology & Neuroscience
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Ecology, Systems and Sustainability
  • Frontiers of Science and Technology
  • Integrative Healthcare

Social Science:

  • Transformational Business and Leadership
  • Conscious Communication & Media
  • New Economics & Finance
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In all of these subjects, you will learn the basic skills and the insights that are needed to operate successfully in the world of today. You will also be encouraged to question all assumptions and connect what you are learning through an integral framework. On top of that, you will be exposed to leading edge thinkers and actors who are breaking new ground at the frontiers of what it means to be authentic, creative, and effective in our radically changing world.


Personal Leadership and Social Innovation

Instructor: Tatiana Glad

At Ubiquity, we believe that the impact you make on the world is significantly related to how you show up in that world. The crises humanity is facing provide us at the same time with great opportunities to create new ways of thinking, acting, and organizing. This course explores the fundamentals of how innovation that benefits people, planet, and profit is made possible. What are the design implications of seeing a bigger picture? We also know that at the heart of an innovation is a person – so what does it take for you to play your role in the world with excellence, commitment, and efficacy? And what does it take to succeed at your goals?

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Express a clear, accurate, realistic understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses as viewed through the lens of your self-development profile.
  2. Identify and research discrepancies between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you, as revealed through a 360 whole system lens of your self-development assessments.
  3. Express articulately and authentically your current interests and passions, and any longer-term visions you have.
  4. Articulate the nature of social innovation and its place in the world today.
  5. Take a project idea you have and develop a hypothetical roadmap from concept into action.
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