Board Members

  • Jim Garrison

    Jim Garrison - President and Chief Academic Officer

  • Jim Hickman

    Jim Hickman - Board Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

  • Stephanie Pace Marshall

    Stephanie Pace Marshall - Board Member

  • Steven Loyd

    Steven Loyd - Board Member

  • Aftab Omer

    Aftab Omer - Board Member

Executive Team

  • Peter Merry

    Peter Merry - Chief Innovation Officer

  • Griffin de Luce

    Griffin de Luce - Chief Technology Officer

  • Richard Buckley

    Richard Buckley - Chief Marketing Officer & Dir. of Course Production

  • Robert Meyer

    Robert Meyer - Board Secretary & Exec VP Operations

  • Will Taegel

    Will Taegel - Dean, Wisdom Graduate School

  • Judith Yost

    Judith Yost - Dean of Students, Wisdom Graduate School

  • Claire Garrison

    Claire Garrison - Faculty Liaison, Wisdom Graduate School

  • Raji Jayasinghe

    Raji Jayasinghe - VP Asia

  • Vladimir Maykov

    Vladimir Maykov - VP for Russia and CIS

  • Anna Mikeda

    Anna Mikeda - Coordinator for Russia

  • Mari Carmen Alvarez

    Mari Carmen Alvarez - Mexico Coordinator

  • Pier Luigi Lattuada

    Pier Luigi Lattuada - Italy Coordinator

  • Gyorgyi Szabo

    Gyorgyi Szabo - Dean of Doctoral Studies & Director of Academic Partnerships

  • Alain Gauthier

    Alain Gauthier - Director of Coaching

  • Constantina Clark

    Constantina Clark - Dean of Students and Admissions

  • Stacy Newman

    Stacy Newman - Registrar

  • Dilini Gunasekera

    Dilini Gunasekera - Country Director, Sri Lanka

  • Sangeeta Haindl

    Sangeeta Haindl - Global Marketing Team (London)

  • Banafsheh Sayyad

    Banafsheh Sayyad - Director, Artistic Design; Director, School of Dance of Oneness

  • Masrur Rahman

    Masrur Rahman - Bangladesh Coordinator

Special Advisors to the Office of the President

  • Paul Ray Ph.D.

    Paul Ray Ph.D. - Special Advisor to the Office of the President

  • Simon Saverys

    Simon Saverys - Advisor to the President & Head of Intnl Development, EdReach & Scaling

Advisors to the Office of the CTO

  • John Lester

    John Lester - Advisor to the Office of the CTO

  • Woz

    Woz - Advisor to the Office of the CTO

image Our Leadership

Our management structure has evolved to sharpen external focus in the marketplace