Climate Change and Environmental Justice

Instructors: Osprey Orielle Lake and colleagues

We live in epic times in which our very existence as a species is in question. Climate change is impacting everyone everywhere. This requires that we all become engaged and take the steps necessary to ensure a sustainable and thriving future. The urgency of global warming and ecological tipping points challenge us to redesign everything related to how we are living with the earth and how we relate to each other. This course provides an overview of climate science; mitigation and adaptation strategies; the root causes of the climate crisis arising from our current economic structures, worldviews, and legal frameworks; national and international climate policy; sustainability solutions; and the power of social movements to inspire ambitious action. How do we tell the story of climate change to ignite communities and governments everywhere to take action? What kind of leadership must we develop to address the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced?

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Understand the basic science of global warming and the impacts of a changing climate locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. Identify the root causes of climate change through critical examination of current economic structures, worldviews, and legal frameworks.
  3. Articulate the role of social movements to educate and inspire the public and to change the current trajectory of governments regarding climate and related policies.
  4. Express compelling stories about global warming and local and global solutions.
  5. Describe the kind of climate leadership, both individually and in community, that will build a world that is healthy, respectful of Nature, and equitable in an age of climate change.