Global Forces Shaping the Future

Instructor: Paul Ray

Ubiquity has been designed and developed very much with the current global reality in mind. Humanity and the Earth are in a turbulent period with rapidly increasing ecological imbalance, social tensions, and economic uncertainty. We see these not as separate developments but as interlocking dynamics in a fundamental period of change. This course explores these dynamics and helps you to orient yourself in a world of increasing complexity, competition, and uncertainty. Once you can see the patterns at work, it helps you to focus effectively on both larger and smaller issues and problems, and identify the specific contribution you can make, as well as what success may look like in future.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Describe the general outlines of the evolving planetary problematique: the interrelated complex of short term crises and long term problems of the whole planet, especially related to global warming.
  2. Name and broadly discuss the strategically important technological, economic and social innovations that are now being developed to solve the planetary problematique and its crises.
  3. Visualize and discuss in broad outline form the shape of the next civilization that might systematically incorporate such innovative solutions at continental or planetary scales.
  4. Cultivate a planetary perspective on social and economic issues of the day: a wider and longer term one, and to take a strategic and applied perspective on them.
  5. Express their own life goals in a larger, and more strategic, context than has heretofore been typical of youth, i.e., wider than egocentric, local and national concerns, and using a longer time horizon than the next few months or years.
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