The Living Universe

Instructor: Duane Elgin

At Ubiquity, we choose to see everything in the world as an expression of life. We know that life works in certain ways, and that how we as humans create things and interact with the world around us can either work with or against life. This course takes you on a journey from the moment that life started right up to today. On the way, you encounter key events and discover core principles that underlie all life as we know it. This way of looking at the world will help you engage in the challenges you will face with lightness, creativity, and powerful alignment with the life process itself.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Think Critically: Reflect consciously on science and wisdom traditions and their respective views of the universe. Students will be able to compare and contrast at least four, key elements of a non-living and living universe perspective.
  2. See the perspectives shift: Understand and describe how the shift to a living universe perspective represents a foundational aspect of the “Great Transition” underway in the world, and how it is vital to cultivate at this time.
  3. Awaken new skills: Recognize new skill sets and capacities required for meeting o ur rapidly changing and challenging world. Explore the greatest talents and “true gift s” that we can each bring to this time of transition.
  4. Demonstrate Collaboration Skills: Working with others collaboratively is a vital skill set. We emphasize a collaborative process of exploring and critically considering a topic or theme of their choice, with emphasis on the implications of a living or non-living view of the universe.
  5. Balance outer with inner inquiry: We assume students at Ubiquity are seeking inne r depth and meaning in learning as well as skills and understanding for working in th e outer world. To balance these two dimensions of life, Ubiquity provides students wi th key resources to deepen their own inquiry into the personal universe which opens to our collective universe.
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