Personal Productivity

Instructor: Jeroen Maes

Ubiquity University aims to offer today’s brightest aspiring social innovators, culture hackers, digital creators the most innovative education on the planets. However, many beautiful visions and dreams are regrettably not materialized. Not because of a lack of inspiration or motivation, but by a lack of effective execution. To translate visions and ambitions into reality, one needs to get his or her “action vibe” under control. Personal productivity is a key component in all this. Imagine that you are able to get 25% more work done every week of the year, no matter what you want to achieve in life: being an entrepreneur, making a company career, supporting an NGO in a 3rd world country, or focusing on innovation, exploring life or personal practice. In all these cases, a higher personal productivity will be a catalyst in living the life you want, and, to ruthlessly paraphrase Ghandi’s quote: “Be the [amazingly productive] change you want to see in the world.” The goal for this course is to facilitate you in achieving:

  • A two fold increase in work output productivity by “effective working” [short term].
  • A five-fold increase in purpose impact productivity by “smart working” [mid term].
  • A ten-fold increase in leading an awesome life by “conscious working” [long term].

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Provide a broad survey across personal productivity dimensions of effective working, smart working and conscious working, and be able to apply these insights to their own personal situation.
  2. Design and Implement a personal productivity system, ranging from basic effectiveness to personal vision, strategy, governance and feedback loops.
  3. Demonstrate new skill sets and capacities required for personal productivity and habit formation.
  4. Apply critical thinking and self-reflection to their personal productivity and self analyze their execution effectiveness and weaknesses and strengths of their own productivity system.
  5. Explore a topic or theme of her or his choice with emphasis on the implications of improving long term personal purpose productivity
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