Project Management

Instructor: Lisa Celentano

Successful project management occurs with a synergistic blend of leadership agility and effective project administration. This course provides the core fundamentals of project management and a unique approach to discovering leadership style, strengths, and vision. Students are required to master basic project management methodology and are encouraged to step boldly into the role of innovative leader and global change agent. In this course, Ubiquity students are immersed in creative processes and engage with complexity through multiple perspective taking, action inquiry, and polarity recognition. Students are expected to master the Ubiquity basic skill set: skillful collaboration, effective communication, creative leadership, agile critical thinking, and whole systems thinking.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Clearly define both traditional and non-traditional project management methodology and operate effectively in either system.
  2. Mastermind a project from start to finish using the project management life cycle.
  3. Effectively communicate and display an embodied understanding of personal leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, and visionary aptitude.
  4. Employ triple-loop learning, manage common polarity dynamics, and engage multiple perspectives through Action Inquiry processing.
  5. Clearly identify the behavioral aspects of project management and the technique of project administration.
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