Skill Sets for the Great Transition

Instructor: Duane Elgin

How can we creatively describe this time of great turning or transition from a variety of perspectives? With diverse narratives we can develop our capacity for critical thinking and a strategic perspective on the changes underway in the world. In turn, what skill-sets are needed to thrive and succeed in the new world that is fast emerging? In this course we will explore a wide range of narratives that can help us transcend old cultural paradigms and see the world in new ways. Some of these narratives include “From a Dead to a Living Universe”, “The Nature of a Living Universe”, “Humanity Is Growing Up”, “The Global Brain Is Waking Up” and many more.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast "scientific materialism" and "the living universe" as perceptual paradigms, including their underlying values and assumptions and impact on life on Earth.
  2. List and distinguish at least 6 universal narratives that provide vision and meaning for this time of great transition.
  3. Develop their own narrative strategies by synthesizing the presented narratives into a unique narrative that reflects the their culture, values, and purpose.
  4. Apply the power of narratives and worldviews to reframe challenges, envision new approaches, and inform decisions regarding how they live, work, and develop.
  5. Summarize the “great transition” or “great turning” that is occurring in the world today and two ways it is shaping economics, politics, and social life.
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