Deep Engagement and Community-building

Instructor(s): Tuesday Ryan-Hart, Tim Merry, Chris Corrigan

This course introduces students to cutting edge participatory methods and leadership practices used to support deep and sustained community engagement used in large-scale engagement for public systems, private enterprise, large-scale community and institution building and democratic reform. The course stands on four pillars of personal practice, participatory leadership, case studies of application and a global perspective. All methods and practices taught, like the framework for participatory engagement developed by the global Art of Hosting community, are both proven in the field and constantly evolving. Students will come away with competencies in undertaking personal preparation work to enter unknown and complex questions, with a set of tools and skills for designing context specific engagement strategies, with a broad based understanding of the dynamics of community building and engagement and with a chance to apply their learnings to the questions and problems they face. The course is integrally informed and features a balance of inquiry and work in all four quadrants.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Apply design tools to current projects they are working on, producing a plan for a real world project at whatever scale.
  2. Have a personal practice to investigate and work with their own limiting beliefs (i.e. using The Work, facilitating others in the work).
  3. Explain and discuss the relationship between complexity, leadership and dialogue, analyzing a situation to determine design needs.
  4. Identify places for the application of the co-revelation theory of working with power and understand how to create the optimal strategic conditions for authentic engagement.
  5. Produce a project design using the chaordic stepping stones to identify needs, structures and actions required to build community and support deep engagement.