Life Cycles of Innovation and Organization

Instructor: Peter Merry

In today’s rapidly changing world, learning to lead and design our communities and organizations to ride the turbulence creatively is critical to our ability to make a positive impact. This course covers the subject of natural evolutionary change, and the implications for us as individual leaders, as well as for our organizational cultures and structures. It combines intellectual rigor with personal challenge, collaboration with creative expression. Students engage with integrative maps of organizational and leadership development, as well as instantly applicable practices for becoming more effective and dynamic as individuals and collectives in a rapidly changing world. Some of the main subjects covered include: Natural lifecycles, Organizational lifecycles, Innovation, Disruption and Emergence, Dealing with stagnation and more.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:

  1. Express clearly the patterns in natural lifecycles.
  2. Reflect constructively on their own society’s lifecycle dynamics.
  3. Identify appropriate interventions and leadership styles to fit different stages of the lifecycle.
  4. Distinguish between different types of change and change conditions.
  5. Apply their understanding to their own context.
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